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Why a FlexBrew® Coffee Maker Is Right for You

Why A FlexBrew® Coffee Maker Is Right For You

FlexBrew coffee maker on a kitchen counter

If you ask two coffee drinkers to describe their perfect cup, chances are they’d give you two entirely different answers. So when there’s only one coffee machine at home and differing preferences in taste, you need a coffee maker that can make a custom cup, like those in the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew® family of coffee makers. Five different models offer various features coffee drinkers can use to have complete freedom over their cup. Here are some of the ways you can use a FlexBrew® coffee maker to make mornings easier for the whole family:

Use Either a Single-serve capsule or Ground Coffee
Models: All FlexBrew® models
When coffee makers gained the ability to brew a single cup of coffee instead of a whole carafe, it was one of the biggest innovations to happen to the coffee brewing industry in decades. But these always required the coffee be brewed using pre-packaged pods, and those pods aren’t for everyone. In each and every FlexBrew® model, you can make a single serving of coffee using freshly ground coffee as well as using the typical pod. It features a permanent filter, which means there’s no extra paper filters or adapters to buy. For families who have differing opinions on pods, or those who’d like the flexibility to try out a variety of types of coffees, the FlexBrew® is the way to go.gif showing how a FlexBrew coffee maker works

Choose Your Brew Strength
When your family members prefer different strengths of coffee, single cup coffee makers allow everyone to make exactly what they want. The FlexBrew® family take customization a step further. Now, you can select your brew strength, meaning you don’t need to stock two or more different types of coffee in the house to appease everyone. Coffee drinkers who typically purchase coffee described as “bright, breakfast blend, or mildly flavored” will like the regular setting. Those drawn to dark roast coffee beans at the store and look for coffee adjectives such as “bold, deep, or rich” will appreciate the bold brew setting.

Brew Either a Single Cup or a Full Pot
Model: 49976C, 49950C, 49956CR
As convenient as single-serve coffee makers can be, they aren’t conducive to having multiple guests over for brunch or parties. In situations like these, rather than going through the process of making one cup of coffee at a time several times in a row, brewing a whole pot at once is preferable.a cup of coffee in a woman's hands The Hamilton Beach® FlexBrew® 2-Way Coffee Maker has both a single serve coffee-making component and a carafe, so you can switch between making a single cup or a full pot as you please.







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