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Brew with Confidence

Brew with Confidence

Making coffee is simple, yet there’s an art and science to getting it just right. Different roasts, different grinds, optimal water temperatures. That’s a lot to manage, especially when you haven’t had your caffeine. But we can help. Our versatile selection of coffee makers, espresso machines and grinders offers a variety of sizes and styles to fit your coffee routine. Plus, in our test kitchen, drinking coffee is actually a job, so we can provide guidance and inspiration for achieving home-brewed excellence.


Barista Worthy Coffee
"May I have a vanilla soy latte, no whip with just one pump of vanilla, please? Wait, I’m in my kitchen, still in my pjs." Working from home has perks like staying in those pj bottoms all day. But you may be missing the daily stops at the coffee shop without a commute. Never fear, you can make barista-worthy coffee at home.
Top 10 coffee tips
Coffee. It’s the drink that wakes us up, gets us through long meetings and makes a piece of pie complete. Every great cup begins with some basic brewing techniques. So whether you like yours black, or with two creams, two sugars, these tips can help you make the best cup at home, every time.
3 coffee maker innovations you didn't know you needed
We’ve been making coffee makers here at Hamilton Beach for decades, but that doesn’t mean once we perfected a design we decided to call it a day. Here are three upgrades in design and technology that you’ll definitely want to consider for your next coffee maker.


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