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Berry Yogurt Tart, Cookie Flans with Blended Fruits, Condensed Milk, Cream & All Spice

Berry Yogurt Tart, Cookie Flans with Blended Fruits, Condensed Milk, Cream & All Spice

From The Hamilton Beach Test Kitchen

Added by Pat


  • For Tart

    • 150 gms Marie cookies
    • 5 tbsp Butter

    For Filling

    • 2 cups Hung curd (Yogurt drained of all its water)
    • 3/4 cup Condensed milk
    • 1 tsp Vanilla extract
    • 1/2 tsp All spice powder
    • Strawberries Handful
    • Blue berries Handful
    • Mint sprigs for garnish


  1. Both the cookie base & the filling made using HB Pro Juicer Mixer Grinder or Blender.

    1. Place the cookies in the jar and grind them into crumbs using the pulse mode. Now add melted butter to it and grind again to mix butter and crumbs. Remove the jar and empty the crumbs into a 9” spring tart mold. Spread it across the base and the sides. Using your fingers press the crumbs down to form a base. Refrigerate the base for at least an hour.
    2. For the filling place the hung curd in a bowl and add condensed milk, vanilla extract, all spice powder whisk it until completely smooth.
    3. Slice the strawberries and keep aside. Remove the tart from the fridge and keep it outside for few minutes carefully remove the tart pushing from the base of the spring mold. Place the tart of the serving platter and add the whisked yogurt in the center of the tart. Spread it gently to fill up the tart. Add sliced strawberries and blueberries on top and garnish with mint sprigs. Refrigerate for an hour before serving.






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